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Applications of CNC Systems in Auto Parts Manufacturing

Importance of CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) system in the auto parts manufacturing process

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the efficient, high precision and high stability processing of the complex and key parts of the automobile has become an effective measure to shorten the production cycle, improve the enterprise benefit and competitiveness. As far as manual manufacturing is concerned, CNC technology lays the foundation for realizing the normalization and standardization of auto parts manufacturing, improving the production quality of domestic auto parts and the actual equipment rate. Besides, the CNC technology can provide a complete set of automation solutions for the manufacturing of the key parts of the automobile.

Characteristics and improvement measures of the CNC system in intelligent manufacturing

In the aspect of intelligence, the CNC system can make use of the rich network function to build a system suitable for CNC machine tools. It can connect the CNC with the computer and carry out the 3D design and NC code transformation of complex auto parts. Besides, it can also connect the machine tools in the factory through Ethernet, centrally manage, control and monitor the running state of the machine tools, and realize the high fusion of CNC and computer.

As for the manufacture of thin-walled shell parts of the automobile such as engine shell, gearbox shell, etc. some special post-processing procedures should be loaded.

Future development trend of CNC system

The future CNC system needs to realize one-step multiple machined surface multi-process combined machining such as milling, drilling, etc. In addition, the CNC system needs more advanced trajectory planning strategy and motor control strategy to achieve high-speed and high-precision machining. The CNC system can automatically arrange the loading position, machining path, and cutting tools according to the 3D models of the auto parts. It is more likely to use Ethernet and Internet technology to realize the mutual communication and cooperation of the machine tools of the factory, plan time-shortest process sequence, realize automatic feeding, loading, handling, etc. with the aid of the communication with the manipulator, and realize automatic intelligent rapid prototyping manufacturing of key and complex auto parts.

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