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Auto Rubber Bushing Analysis

The use of rubber products in the automotive industry is very extensive. In our daily inspection of car spring suspension, a very important component, auto rubber bushing, is usually ignored. When the bushing has a certain wear and tear but hasn’t been changed timely, it is possible to bring some mysterious noise. If the bushing is seriously worn, it can cause excessive tire wear, because they can not keep the accurate front angle when braking and accelerating. Therefore, timely inspection and replacement of bushing are also essential when rechecking the vehicle suspension system.

auto rubber bushing

Auto rubber bushing is the most common type of bushing. It operates in a limited range without lubrication, and it is usually applied to the control arm and the spring sheet. In order to eliminate the worn surface, the auto rubber bushing is combined with the inner and outer metal sleeves. The outer casing is usually pressed into the control arm or spring, and the inner sleeve is fixed on the frame through the fixing bolt. SHUTE rubber has no friction or rotary wear due to the rubber bushing’ absorption of the torsion movement of the suspension components. Wear occurs only when the rubber bushing is separated from the inner and the outer sleeve.

The rubber bushing is designed for controlling the noise and vibration of the chassis. The ozone, ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperature, etc. will harden the rubber bushing, resulting in noise and vibration of the rubber bushing.

The worn suspension rubber bushing can be easily detected. We can check whether the upper and lower control arms have excessive movement by dismounting the suspension. In most cases, the rubber bushing should keep the control arm in the normal range when the position and limit control arms move. If the control arm can easily exceed its normal range, it indicates the excessive wear or loosening of the rubber bushing.

During a normal vehicle inspection process, the hardening degree and crack of the rubber bushing should be checked. In many cases, we can see if there are black particles in the rubber bushing or whether it can be easily detached from the metal bushing. In other cases, the bushing can be deformed and the control arm is allowed to move the center from its normal pivot point. When the casing is deformed, the obliquity will be reduced and the normal operation of the leaf spring will be affected.
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