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Automotive Metal Parts Corrosion Protection Principle


There is still a gap between the application and process level of domestic automotive corrosion protection technology and foreign advanced technology. The flatness, gloss, and adhesion of paint products produced by some domestic automotive paint manufacturers are not very good; the level of electroplating needs to be improved, and the quality of the coating and the conversion film is not good, especially in the case of heavy corrosive environment (such as acid mist, high temperature, etc.), the corrosion resistance of the parts is not strong. It is directly manifested that after a period of use, rust collapse occurs, and the paint layer is foamed, peeled off, discolored, lost light, etc., thereby losing the anti-corrosion effect.

automotive metal parts

The factors affecting the corrosion of automotive metal parts are very complicated and varied. It is very difficult to eliminate them fundamentally, but we can optimize them in design, materials, coating, and process to reduce the damage of corrosion. In particular, automotive metal parts are not only directly related to the performance of the vehicle, but also indirectly affect the safety of the occupants. Corrosion protection is very important, and must not be taken lightly.

Optimize in design: optimize corrosion protection design, optimize and improve the corrosive environment. Metal parts should be designed with optimization in terms of part structure selection, material matching, structural layout rationality, structural connection rationality, and prevention of gap generation.

Optimize in materials: improve the thermodynamic stability of the material and improve the composition of the alloy of the part material; increase anode control and other measures; Replace the materials, the existing ordinary materials can be replaced with materials with strong anti-corrosion properties, or replaced with materials that are not easily corroded such as aluminum-magnesium alloys and engineering plastics.

Optimize in coating: improve the coating of metal parts and enhance electrochemical protection, replace ordinary paint coatings with corrosion-resistant coatings such as cathodic protection, anode protection, Dacromet coating, etc. Add protective coatings to the gaps, interlayers, and bottoms of the parts.

Optimize in the process: Develop a reasonable component manufacturing process to prevent bumps and scratches in the manufacturing process, and try to use manufacturing processes and measures that do not damage the protective layer.
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