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Automotive Rubber Components High Requirements

To accelerate the research and application of new raw materials, update the equipment, improve the production process, promote the development of new products and improve the performance of products will be the development direction of automobile rubber components.

China has now become the largest vehicle and synthetic rubber producer in the world.

automotive rubber component

Liang Kun, an associate professor at Lanzhou University, said that the automotive rubber component industry in China was in an important strategic opportunity period from the economic environment at home and abroad, the development situation of the upstream and downstream and the development stage of the industry itself, and had a variety of favorable conditions for sustainable and healthy development.

To achieve sustainable development, the automotive rubber component industry needs a limitless supply of innovation. In the case of excessive production capacity of synthetic rubber, improving the quality of synthetic rubber will be a breakthrough in the development of synthetic rubber industry in China.

The rapid development of automobile industry has put forward new requirements for vehicle rubber products and materials, especially the great demand for special rubber with excellent performance, which will bring a rare opportunity for the development of special rubber in China.

New requirements for the auto industry

On the premise of ensuring the safety, reliability, comfort, and luxury of the vehicle, the further extension of the service life of the car and the free maintenance of all automotive components (including rubber components) make higher requirements for the performance and quality of rubber products.

With the miniaturization of the engine room, the ambient temperature of it will become more and more high, which requires that the related rubber products must have a stronger high and low-temperature resistance.
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