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Automotive Rubber Grommets Online


What are automotive rubber grommets online? Are they rubber seal grommets? The grommet has various specifications and shapes, which affect the sealing effect. It is used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, disperse pressure, etc. DSH SEALS tells you that the materials, specifications, and structures of many sealing grommets are customized to implement these functions, and the functions of different grommets vary.

automotive rubber grommets online

Sealing grommets, rubber grommets

The sealing grommet is restricted by the material and process of the screw fastener. The supporting surfaces of most of the bolt are not very large, thus reducing the pressure on the surface. In order to prevent the loosening of the connecting pieces, we should use the loose-proof sealing spring grommet, multi-tooth shaped locking seal grommet, round nut locking seal grommet and waveform and conical elastic grommet. The grommet is mainly used to reduce the pressure when the tightening axial force of some parts is very large, the grommet is easy to be pressed into the dish shape, in such a situation, we can change the materials and improve the hardness of the grommets to solve the problem.

The sealing effect of the DSH sealing spring grommet is so-so, and the important parts of the automobiles should use grommets with self-locking structures instead of this spring grommet. For high-speed tightening, it is better to use the grommet with its surface phosphorized to improve the wear reduction performance. Otherwise, the grommet is easy to burn out or dehisce, and even damage the surface of the connector.

The sealing grommet structure shall not be used in the thin plate joint. According to analysis, the spring seal grommet is used less and less in the automobile. The connecting teeth of the tooth-shaped elastic grommets have large and even locking force, hence, they are used more in the automobile industry, while the spacing tooth shaped are less.
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