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Automotive Wire Harness Bellows


With the emerge and rise of new energy vehicles, a good new energy vehicle is, of course, inseparable from a good circuit, and the quality of the circuit depends largely on the quality of the wiring harness, but the external environment of the wiring harness is also very important, so the automotive bellows came into being.

automotive rubber bellows

Selection basis:

Why do you have to wrap the bellows on the harness without replacing it with anything else? Because the bellows have its unique function in protecting the wire harness, first of all, it is very soft and can be bent into different angles according to the needs. This is not comparable to other materials. Secondly, it is high-temperature resistant, fire retardant, easy operation and economical. At the same time, the automotive wire harness bellows can also be resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion and oil.

Types of bellows pipe material:

Corrugated pipes are generally not chosen, because bellows are generally used on the main line, and the main line's outgoing direction is inconsistent, so the bellows of the broken mouth are generally selected. In addition, it is necessary to select bellows of different materials depending on the temperature of the working environment.

Bellows pipe size:

The bellows size is generally selected according to the cross-sectional area of the wire harness. The cross-sectional area of the wire harness is generally 3/4 of the cross-sectional area of the bellows. If the cross-sectional area of the wire harness is 7.5 mm2, the selected bellows is 10 mm2.

Introduction of the bellows wrapping method:

According to the specific position of the open bellows installed in the automobile, the automotive rubber bellows can be wrapped in three ways: tightly wrapped, dotted, and coarsely wrapped. Note: Fully wrapped (tightly wrapped): with 1/2~1/3 adhesive tape overlap when winding. Coarse wrapping (flower wrapping): There is no overlap in the winding, and the winding gap should be in the range of 10mm-25mm. Fixed dressing dotted): only one or a few points are wrapped in a certain section of the wire bundle, and the tape is wound 2-3 turns.
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