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Can Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Parts Be Popularized in Vehicle Lightweight?


The lightweight and intelligent vehicle has become a new trend in technology development in the global automotive industry. In recent years, with the pressure and development trend of the global energy saving and emission reduction, countries have set up strict regulations on fuel consumption of passenger vehicles and put forward more stringent requirements for the fuel consumption and corresponding CO2 emissions of passenger cars. Especially in China, by 2020, the decrease of the automobile fuel consumption is obviously greater than that of other countries, and the pressure of fuel emission is greater. Vehicle lightweight is the development trend of the world's automobiles, and reducing the whole-vehicle weight is the most effective way to achieve vehicle lightweight.

alloy die casting parts

Automobile lightweight is to "slim down" the car, that is, on the basis of ensuring stable performance improvement, making the energy-saving design of various parts and components and optimizing the model continuously. The experiment shows that if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%; if the vehicle weight is reduced by 1%, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7%; and every 100 kg vehicle weight reduction can facilitate the one-hundred-kilometer fuel consumption reduction by 0.3 to 0.6 liters.

As a magnesium alloy die casting parts manufacturer, our high-quality products definitely can facilitate the vehicle lightweight.
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