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Classification of Rubber Parts

From the whole vehicle, in addition to tires and internal and external decorative rubber parts, rubber parts are required to be classified into three categories according to their types.

1. Hose

For engines, (1) fuel hoses, (2) injection control tubes, (3) air ducts, (4) water supply hoses.

For the body, (1) fuel hose, (2) oil filler pipe, (3), air conditioner hose.

For chassis, (1) AT oil cooler hose, (2) power steering tube, (3), brake hose, (4) clutch hose, (5) hose.

2. Sealing products

For engines, (1) after crankshaft, (2), front of crankshaft, (3) diaphragm (4), stem seal, (5) cylinder head gasket.

For body, (1) weatherstrip, (2) glass seal, (3) oil cap seal.

For chassis, (1) transmission oil seal, (2) power steering oil seal, (3) ball joint dust cover, (4) protective cover for CVJ, (5) rack gear cover, (6) brake MC Cap, (7) Cassette piston seal.

3. Shock absorption and tape

In recent years, in order to improve the safety, comfort, and operability of automobiles, the variety and number of shock-absorbing rubber products for automobiles have been increasing, and the number of shock-absorbing rubber products assembled on a car has reached 50 to 60 pieces. Automobile shock absorbing rubber products include engine bearings, suspension members, rubber springs, rubber air springs, collision rubber guards, oil pump cushions, muffler bracket rubber pads, etc.. Due to the different parts used, the selected rubber types are different, such as neoprene, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, etc., or a combination of glue; in terms of tape, there are synchronous tapes and tapes for auxiliary machines, etc., and hydrogenated nitrile which is excellent in heat resistance and durability is often used.

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