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Current Situation And Development Trend of Auto Rubber Parts


The rapid development of China's automobile industry has promoted the development of other related industries, especially the rubber industry. Over the past few years, auto rubber parts have developed into a unique professional product industry. Auto rubber parts are indispensable components in automobiles, following are the explanation of 3 major rubber parts.

Current Situation And Development Trend of Auto Rubber Parts

1. Seal ring

In recent years, by introducing the advanced technology, equipment and technological transformation from foreign countries, there are a number of backbone enterprises with a large scale of production and higher professional level emerging in China's auto rubber parts industry, gradually form a relatively complete industrial system. It can meet and adapt to the needs of the automobile industry in our country. At present, there are more than 30 seal ring factories with a certain scale and level in China, with a total production capacity of about 200 million. The domestic production includes various types of seal rings, such as oil resistance, high-temperature resistance, aging resistance and so on, which can meet the demand of the domestic auto market.

2. Shock absorber
China has more than 20 large-scale factories of rubber absorber products, their production capacity is about 70 million pieces, which basically can meet the needs of domestic auto production matching, maintenance and replacement. At present, developed countries at abroad have successfully developed a new generation of rubber shock absorbers, such as sealing liquid shock absorber, electronic control shock absorber, torsional shock absorber, and so on. This kind of products is still in the development stage at home.

3. Rubber tube
Auto rubber tube has been growing at a rate of about 25% in recent years. There are more than 20 auto tube factories in China, with a total production capacity of 200 million meters. The ratio of the resin composite rubber tubes is increasing, mainly the woven tube and the winding tube, and also including the brake tube and the cooling tube. The short fiber rubber tube is also attractive because of its simple process and good performance.
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