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Domestic CNC Machine Tools Promote China's Auto Parts Industry

Auto parts industry is the main user of CNC machine tools. In recent years, the rapid development of domestic economic CNC machine tools has provided the equipment foundation for the development of CNC machine parts China industry.

At present, 70% of the top 100 auto parts manufacturers in the world have come to China; there are more than 5000 manufacturers of auto parts and components in China, among them, more than 1200 are foreign enterprises.

The domestic auto parts are competitive. The reason why the foreign businessmen come to China to produce auto parts, in addition to the low domestic labor price, is that the price of domestic economic CNC machine tools is at least 30% lower than that of the foreign products of the same kind.

Compared with the whole-vehicle production line, the requirements of the auto parts production equipment for the CNC machine tools are low. In addition to the machine tools used to manufacture the main engine parts, at present, the domestic enterprises can basically produce CNC machine tools used to produce other auto parts and components.

At present, the core production facilities of domestic car production lines, including independent brand cars, rely mainly on imports. To further promote the development of the automobile industry, the middle and high-end CNC systems of the domestic CNC machine tools still need to be industrialized.

As the demand for cars is becoming more and more personalized, the traditional rigid production line will gradually not adapt to the market demand, and the flexible production line composed of CNC machine tools will be more and more popular because of its flexibility.

Over the past 7 years, the industrialization development of China's low-grade CNC machine tools has provided a guarantee for China's auto parts industry to take off. In the future, the industrialization of domestic middle and high-end CNC machine tools will also promote the development of China's auto industry by providing high quality and inexpensive production equipment for domestic automobile manufacturers.
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