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Features of Rubber Bushings


The bushings are divided into conventional rubber bushings and hydraulic rubber bushings. They belong to the rubber parts of the automobile chassis. They are the hinge points between the various parts of the body. Its elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics are excellent, it can withstand load, isolation, attenuate vibration, reduce noise, ensure ride comfort, and have an important impact on car suspension design.

rubber bushings

1. rubber bushing types

Basic types: simple bushings, flange bushings, rolling bushings, burrow bushings, pivoting bushings, spherical bushings and other bushings.

Simple bushing: The inner and outer sleeves are vulcanized with the rubber body. The inner and outer sleeves are assembled and the rubber body is vulcanized separately. The inner sleeve is vulcanized together with the rubber body, and the vulcanized member and the outer sleeve are assembled by the tooling.

A. Good durability in the torsion direction;

B. The outer tube is directly pressed in and the cost is low.

2. Rubber bushing components

The mechanical rubber bushing, including the inner sleeve, the rubber layer, the outer sleeve, the inner sleeve and the rubber layer are integrally vulcanized together. Then, the rubber body is pressed into the outer casing by the tooling. After the rubber bushing is pressed into the outer casing, there is a large space between the hump-like protrusions, which is favorable for the flow deformation of the rubber and increases the rubber layer.

3. Features of the rubber bushing

A. Since the shape of the rubber member has a relatively free choice, the rigidity of the three directions (axial, radial, torsion) can be appropriately selected;

B. It is capable of being firmly vulcanized with metal, simplifying the structure of the fixing and supporting. Therefore, it can be used to support the load in any of the three directions;

C. The elastic modulus of rubber is smaller than that of metal, which can produce large elastic deformation;

D. The rubber internal friction is larger than that of metal and has a tendency to increase with increasing frequency. Therefore, the rubber sleeve can be used to reduce the resonance amplitude;

E. When the rubber is at a low temperature, the dynamic elastic coefficient will rise sharply. Therefore, when selecting a rubber bushing material, it is necessary to improve the high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and oil resistance of the material.

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