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Function and Selection of Automotive Rubber Bellows

automotive rubber bellows

With the emerging and rising of new energy vehicles, a good new energy vehicle cannot be separated from a set of good circuits, and the quality of the circuit depends largely on the quality of the wiring harness, but the external environment of the wiring harness is also very important, and at this time, the automotive rubber bellows came into being.

Selection basis:

Why wiring harness must be wrapped with automotive rubber bellows instead of anything else. Because the rubber bellows have its unique function in the protection of the wiring harness. Firstly, it is very soft and can be bent into different angles according to the needs, which is incomparable. Secondly, it has characteristics of high-temperature resistant, fire retardant, simple operation, economical and suitable for use. At the same time, the automobile rubber bellows are also resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, oil stain, etc.

Type of bellows material:

Closed bellows generally won’t be selected, because these bellows generally are used on the main line, and the outlet direction of the main line is not consistent, so generally the broken bellows will be selected. In addition, bellows with different materials should be selected according to the temperature of the working environment.

The size of bellows is usually chosen according to the cross-section area of the wiring harness. The cross-section area of the wire harness is generally 3/4 of that of the bellows. If the cross-section area of the wiring harness is 7.5mm2, then that of the bellows should be 10mm2.

Introduction of the wrapping method of bellows

According to the specific position of the bellows installed in the car to determine the way of wrapping the bellows, there are three ways: close wrapping, point wrapping, and fancy wrapping. Note: Full bandage (close wrapping): overlapping with 1/2~1/3 of the tape width when wrapping. Rough wrapping (fancy wrapping): there is no overlap in the wrapping, and the wrapping clearance should be in the range of 10mm-25mm. Fixed bandage (point wrapping): Wrapping at one point or several points of a certain segment of the wiring harness, and the tape is wound in 2-3 circles.
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