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How To Solve The Eccentric Wear Phenomenon Of The Rubber Seal?

When the seal is affected by eccentric load, large wear occurs at the location where the load gathers, while the rest parts have little or no wear. Wear that does not occur on the entire circle of the lip is called eccentric wear. Why does rubber seal wear off? What's the reason? As follows:

1. The sealing ring is bearing the eccentric load;

2. The seal groove machining deviates from the center;

3. The seal clearance is too large, resulting in uneven compression allowance.

4. The assembly of hydraulic cylinder is not perfect.

"Wear adjustment ring can be used to solve the problem of eccentric wear."

Secondly, in the use of the dynamic seal, leak of a certain amount is allowed. Generally, when the equipment is running hot, the lubrication of the sealing surface is improved, and the wear of the secondary friction is reduced. The dynamic balance between wear and seal determines the service life of mechanical seal equipment and system. It is obvious that all the problems in the rubber seal ring wear, eccentric wear, and seal are related to the state of the solid's surface and the relative movement of the seal friction, and keep the lubrication state of the friction condition and the auxiliary seal.
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