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The Application of Rubber Parts in Automobile Industry


With the improvement of science and technology and the development of society, more and more people are willing to buy cars, and the development of rubber parts has gradually become a hot topic in people's daily life. When it comes to automotive rubber parts, we are not unfamiliar, but do you know anything about their applications in the automotive industry? 

automotive rubber parts

1. EPDM sealing strip

We may not know much about EPDM, but when it comes to sealing strips, there may be something we know. Car sealing strips can be divided into the following types: sealing strips of car door and window, sealing strips of car side door, sealing strips of car rear box, sealing strips of car skylight and car front cover and so on. 

 2. Automobile antenna sealing pad

The automobile antenna seal pad is also called the antenna rubber sleeve PAD, which is widely used in the field of automobile waterproof seal and so on. It adopts the quality and environmentally friendly EPDM. Of course, the materials can be chosen according to the specific environment. It has the characteristics of anti-aging, waterproof, and good sealing performance. The products have passed the ROHS detection test, SGS test and other related tests. It is environmentally safe, and can be used reliably. 

 3. Rubber blocking cover

The cover of the fuel inlet on the car is an important part of the car. The rubber blocking cover is applied to the part of the automobile filler for sealing and waterproofing. Because of the special use of the product environment, and preventing the occurrence of oil leakage, we should strictly control material properties from material development, mold design to product manufacturing, to ensure the precision of mold production, provide NPS lean production, fully comply with the drawings to meet the customer's requirements for the size and quality of the product. 

 4. Rubber tube

The rubber tube of engine is widely used in other fields such as motor generator and other household appliance machinery. Due to the high requirements for the sealing performance of the products, the anti-aging EPDM, oil resistant NBR and high-temperature resistance, FKM and other special materials are generally used to meet the customers' requirements for the complex environment of the products. 

 5. Rubber sealing ring

The sealing ring of GPS navigator is used in the field of internal dust proof seal for automobile navigator for better sealing and dust proof function. According to different environment, we adopt safe and environmental sulfur-free rubber material without pollution. It can be used in high-temperature resistant and oil resistant environment. With long service life and excellent sealing performance, it is safe and reliable.
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