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The Structure And Function Of Rubber Sealing Grommets

What is a rubber grommet? What is a rubber sealing grommet? The grommet is used in a variety of specifications, and the shape affects the sealing effect, which is used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolation, prevent loosening or dispersing pressure, etc. Dongsheng seals tell you that many of the industry's sealing grommets' material specifications and structure are also customized for this effect and the functions are different.

The structure and function of rubber sealing grommets

The sealing grommet is restricted by the material and process of the screw fastener. Most of the supporting surfaces of the bolt are not very large, thus reducing the pressure and protecting surface. In order to prevent the loosening of the connecting pair, the sealing spring grommet, the multi tooth lock sealing grommet, the round nut sealing grommet and the waveform and conical elastic grommet are used. The grommet is mainly used to reduce the pressure. When some parts are tightened too much, the axial force is very large and the grommet is easily pressed into a disc, which can be solved by using other material and improving the hardness. We often see rubber car grommets.

The lock effect of DSH sealing spring grommet is plain. Important parts should be used as little as possible, and it adopt self-locking structure. For the seal spring grommet for high-speed tightening, it is better to use the surface phosphating grommet to improve its wear reduction performance. Otherwise, it is easy to burn out or crack, and even damage the surface of the connector.

The sealing grommet structure shall not be used in connection with the thin plate joint. According to the analysis, the spring seal grommet is used less and less in the automobile. The tooth shape connection of the toothed sealing elastic grommet is used more in automobile industry due to the large and even locking force while the spacing tooth type is less used.
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