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Bushing is used for mechanical parts, to achieve the sealing, wear protection and other functions of the kit, is to point to the ring sleeve. In the valve application area, the liner is on the cover, and the corrosion resistant materials such as Polytetrafluoroethylene or graphite are generally used for sealing.
  • Rubber Bushing

    Rubber Bushing

    Rubber Bushing
    Automobile rubber bushing can provide the effect of automobile shock absorption. Rubber as the main component of bushing, formula is very important.
    Rubber Bushing
In moving parts, parts are worn because of long friction, and parts must be replaced when the gap between the shaft and the hole is worn to a certain extent. Therefore, the designers choose materials with low hardness and good wear resistance, which can reduce the wear of shaft and seat. Generally speaking, the polyurethane automotive bushings and the seat have been used to cooperate, and the shaft adopts clearance fit. Because there is no way to avoid wearing out, only prolong life, and axial parts are relatively easy to process. There are new designers who don't like the idea of adding costs when they are made, but after a period of time, they still need to be modified in this way. However, it is easy to reduce the accuracy of the equipment. 

The reason is very simple, the second processing is unable to guarantee the position of the center of the seat. The use flexibility of bushing is high, it can play a lot of roles, in general, the bushing is a kind of unit that protects the equipment. The use of bushing can reduce the wear, vibration, and noise of the equipment, and has the effect of anti-corrosion. The use of bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment and simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment.

The role of automotive bushings in actual work and its application environment is very much related to the purpose. In the valve application field, the bushing is installed in the bonnet to cover the stem to reduce the leakage of the valve and achieve the sealing effect. The use of bushing can reduce the wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, avoiding the increase of gap between shaft and hole. Please feel free to contact Relong if you are interested in our products.
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