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Product Detail of Rubber Buffer

Conical rubber buffers are widely used in automobile engines and other mechanical equipment, which have shock absorber, effectively increase the service life of equipment, good sealing performance, wear-resisting and anti-aging properties.

Product Size】:Relong can customize according to customer needs
Product Material】:(EPDM/NBR) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
Product Features】:The quality environmental EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-vibration and noise reduction, ozone resistance, high and low-temperature performance.

Rubber damping pad is made of rubber, and natural rubber is widely used because of its small change, large tensile strength, long elongation and low price. There are five types of rubber cushioning pads: flat rubber pads, ribbed rubber gaskets, triangular grooves, convex rubber pads, and shear rubber pads. The rubber cushion is similar to the rubber shock absorber, the main advantage is that it has a durable high elasticity, with good shock absorption, shock isolation and sound insulation performance.

It can meet the requirement of rigidity and strength. With certain damping properties, mechanical energy can be absorbed, and the absorption of high-frequency vibration is particularly prominent. Because of the strong bond between the rubber material and the metal surface, it is easy to make the installation, and can also use the multi-layer superposition to reduce the stiffness, changing its frequency range and the low price.

The rubber cushioning pad should be chosen according to the environmental conditions. In the combination of rubber and metal, it is possible to avoid the structure of stress concentration and replace the acute Angle with rounded corners. In practical application, the maximum stress of rubber damping pad occurs on the rubber surface, so the allowable stress of rubber is considered when checking the strength of the rubber.

When choosing rubber cushioning pad, it should be considered that the rubber should be controlled in the percentile range of the allowable thickness according to the thickness of the rubber. The main performance parameters of rubber cushion are stiffness and damping. According to the different loading force varying speed, there are three kinds of static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and impact stiffness, and the three kinds of stiffness of rubber cushion are different. It needs to be pointed out that the temperature has a great influence on the rigidity of the rubber cushion, the temperature decreases and the stiffness increases. When the temperature rises, the stiffness decreases.

Rubber Buffer1
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