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Product Detail of Rubber Buffer

Rubber Buffer is widely used in automobile engines and other mechanical equipment, which have shock absorber, effectively increase the service life of equipment, good sealing performance, wear-resisting and anti-aging properties.

Product Size】:Customized according to customer needs
Product Material】:(EPDM/NBR) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
Product Features】:The quality environmental EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-vibration and noise reduction, ozone resistance, high and low-temperature performance.

Suspension rubber buffer is a kind of rubber products with high elasticity and toughness. It is used to install the spiral spring in the vehicle suspension system, which mainly ACTS as a cushion shock absorber and protects the shock absorber.

Small Rubber Buffers Function introduction:
1.comprehensively improve the ride comfort, enhance driving comfort, and enjoy driving pleasure.
2.Can limit the vibration of the body and absorb the noise of the suspension system.
3.Solve the problem of spring weakness, improve the body of 0.2-0.3 cm, but cannot effectively improve the carrying capacity.
4.Limited buffering and absorbing the instantaneous pressure caused by rough road surface to avoid damage to the shock absorption system (warning: exceeding the limit will damage the shock absorption system).

It is already weak spring, when a compressed body will fall too low, so by installing the rubber buffer to spring support and relieve stress, and this kind of situation can be understood as to improve the car. It is usually 0.2-0.3 centimeters or more, depending on the spacing of the springs and how weak the spring is.

But if it is a new spring, under normal circumstances is not also do not need to increase the body height, unless the installed buffer rubber specification is greater than the spring spacing, appear a certain section of the rubber spring buffered jacking force, this is not correct. So make sure you choose the buffer size that matches the spring spacing.

Contact Relong rubber buffer manufacturer for more detail information.

Rubber Buffer2
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