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Wire Grommet

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This kind of automotive wiring grommets are widely used in automobile and various mechanical and electronic equipment field, dustproof and shock absorption, effectively extend its service life. High quality EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of anti-aging, good elasticity, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, high and low-temperature performance. Relong also has automotive electrical connectors and small wire grommet.

【product size】:Customized according to customer needs
【product material】:(EPDM/NBR/SBR/FKM/Silicone) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
【product features】:EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of aging resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, good high and low-temperature performance.

The rubber wire grommet protects the circuit of the car. There are all kinds of rubber sheath on the vehicle wiring harness, rubber sheathed wire of waterproof, shock absorption, protection effect, but the traditional wiring harness rubber sheath waterproof, shock absorption, protection effect in general, its easy to be damaged.

Car circuit is one of the important components, automobile and the function in the automobile circuit and signal transfer is to rely on automotive wiring grommet bypass connected, wiring fixed on the whole body, the damage of the wiring harness directly affected the automobile circuit performance. The car wire should have high and low-temperature resistance, temperature resistance, humidity cycling performance, vibration resistance, smoke resistance and industrial solvent resistance. Therefore, wiring harness outside protection plays an important role, outside the reasonable wiring harness protection materials and the way of dressing can not only ensure that the quality of the wiring harness, but also can reduce costs, improve the economic benefit.

Automotive wiring harness wire in wire connection between called wire contact, contact is widespread in the instrument body in wiring harness, wiring harness, engine room wiring harness and air conditioning in the wiring harness, through contact can realize the switch and multiple use electrical appliances, electrical appliances and use electrical signal transmission between and function realization, so bare contact protection measures must be taken.

Relong can produce all kinds of automotive wire grommets rubber you need. Please email us. We will sincerely recommend the best materials for you and produce the best products for you.

Wire Grommet
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