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Along with the development of automobile industry, the auto parts industry in China is also developing rapidly, and the parts production materials also show diversified characteristics. For rubber materials, except for tires, 200 to 300 kinds of rubber accessories can be used on a car, so the use of automotive rubber parts in cars is very extensive. Let's take a brief look at some of the main USES of rubber in cars.
Auto Rubber Parts

The rubber hose of the car

All the car has a lot of root rubber hose, such as the radiator pipe, air conditioning pipe, water pipe, gas pipe and so on, because this hose will experience vibration and turbulence while driving, so car performance is very important, you must use auto rubber parts.

Automobile sealing products

Generally, the sealing products on the car are mainly used for the sealing of some liquids to avoid the liquid outflow. Rubber products are chosen because they are resistant to corrosion and high temperature, so they can maintain a good sealing phenomenon. When the car is running for a long time, it can effectively maintain the wear-resisting and anti-fatigue phenomenon. 

Automobile damping rubber products

The use of rubber shock absorbers will play a big role in automobile shock absorption, which is also an important part in automobile. The rubber spring played a big part in our driving in the hole. It keeps us balanced on rough roads and keeps moving. There are also some key components that can withstand the pressure of the parts. Therefore, the application of rubber products in the automobile industry is indispensable. It will only continue to create more automotive rubber parts.

Recognizing that skilled people and technological growth are the keystone for success in today's global marketplace, Relong continues to commit resources to remain a leading place in the industry. From product concept development, prototyping to contract manufacturing. As one of the famous auto rubber parts manufacturers in China, Relong contributes all efforts to drive increased value for our customers. 
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