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Rubber Gasket

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This kind of automotive rubber gaskets are widely used in the automobile engine, condenser, and other precision machinery equipment. According to different usage environment, choose high-end fluorine rubber material, oil resistance, high temperature and other harsh environments. Good sealing performance, long service life, reliable quality.

Automotive door gaskets can be widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, such as gasket, seal, buffer, etc. Tell from form, commonly used rubber gasket include: flat washer, rubber o-ring, rubber plastic flat gasket,
PTFE gasket, asbestos rubber gasket, metal flat washer, metal profile gasket, metal wrapping washers, wave washers, winding gasket, etc. From the material, the main products of rubber mat are silicone pad, nitrile rubber pad, fluorine rubber pad, other rubber pads. The rubber gasket has the properties of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold and heat, aging and so on. It can be cut into all kinds of sealing gaskets directly. It is widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical industry, antistatic, flame retardant and food industry.

Product SizeRelong can Customize according to customer needs
Product Material】:(EPDM/NBR/SBR/FKM/Silicone) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
Product Features】:EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of aging resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, good high and low-temperature performance.
Rubber Gasket
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