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Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Part for Automobile

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Product  Description of Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Part for Automobile

chamber casting alloy Part for Automobile(RL224)
1. material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, a cast alloy etc.
2. surface treatment: sandblast, polishing, electroplating, electroless nickel plating, hot galvanizing, spray coating, dacromet etc.
3. heat treatment: quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing etc.
4. process: die casting, investment casting, gravity casting, hot forging, machining, stamping etc.
5. packing: as customer's require

Basic Info of Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Part for Automobile

Model NO: RL224
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Process: Casting and Machining
Trademark: Relong
Die Casting Method: Precision Die Casting
Surface Preparation: Deburring
Machining: CNC Machining
Specification: ISO9001, TS16949
Application: Auto Parts
Origin: China
Production Capacity:  5000000 PCS/Year
Transport Package: Carton with Pallet or as Your Requirement
Payment Terms:T/T

Die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is to use the installed pressure casting mold casting machine die casting machine, the heating for liquid copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy of metal poured into the die casting machine into the mouth, the die casting machine die casting, casting the shape and dimensions of the mould limit of copper, zinc, aluminium or aluminium alloy parts, such parts are often called die casting. Die castings in different places have different name, such as die casting parts, pressure casting, die casting, die casting, aluminum, zinc die casting parts, die casting, copper pieces, copper die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum pressure casting, aluminum alloy die casting parts, etc.

Alloy die casting characteristics:
1. The casting range is wide.
2.T he casting dimension is high and the surface roughness is low.
3. Productivity is high
4. The utilization of metals is high.
5. The casting strength and surface hardness are high.

Die casting can be made for die casting auto parts, die-casting car engine fittings, die casting cylinder of engine cylinder head, die casting, valve rocker arm bearing, die-casting machine, die casting, valve cover, die casting, die casting, die casting, pump shell parts, and so on, with the constant improvement of the level of domestic manufacturing equipment industry development, die-casting machine equipment level increased significantly, also can produce the types of parts are also constantly expanding, the precision of the die casting parts of, the complexity of the components has been larger ascension, believe in the near future, die casting will be better service to our production and life!
Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Part for Automobile
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