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Buffer Stopper

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Product Detail of Buffer Stopper

Rubber Buffer stopper is widely used in automobile engines and other mechanical equipment, which have shock absorber, effectively increase the service life of equipment, good sealing performance, wear-resisting and anti-aging properties.

Product Size】:Relong can Customize according to customer needs
Product Material】:(EPDM/NBR) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
Product Features】:The quality environmental EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-vibration and noise reduction, ozone resistance, high and low temperature performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of different rubber:

Advantages: good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance. Disadvantages: not heat-resisting, not oil resistant (resistant to vegetable oil), is a raw material for making tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes and is suitable for the production suspension parts, in the car brake oil, such as ethanol with hydroxy liquid used in the products.

Advantages: low cost non-resistant material, good resistance to water, good elasticity under 70, and poor compressibility when high hardness. Disadvantages: it is not recommended to use strong acid, ozone, oil, oil ester and fat and most hydrocarbons. It is widely used in tire industry, shoe industry, cloth industry and conveyor belt industry.

Advantages: not permeable to most general gases, good resistance to sunlight and odor, can be exposed to animals or vegetable oils or vaporized chemicals. Disadvantages: it is not recommended to use with petroleum solvents, colloidal kerosene and aromatic hydrogen. Used for inner tube, leather bag, rubber paste paper, window frame rubber, steam hose, heat resistant conveyor belt, etc.

Advantages: good resistance to weather and ozone resistance, excellent resistance to water and chemicals, alcohol and ketone, high temperature vapor, good impermeability of gas. Disadvantages: not recommended for food use or exposure to aromatic hydrogen. Rubber parts in brake system. Seal in radiator (car water tank).

Advantages: it has better abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to corrosion, tensile, tear and compressibility. Good resistance in atmospheric conditions such as ozone, generally suitable for washing or washing dishes. Faults: it is not recommended to use alcohols, esters or aromatic solutions in the refrigeration industry, widely used in environmental refrigerant, R134a system seals, automotive engine system seals.

Buffer Stopper
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