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Customized Precision CNC Machining Part -1

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Product  Description of Customized Precision CNC Machining Part

Customized CNC Precision Parts
1. material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy etc.
2. surface treatment: sand blast, polishing, electroplating, electroless nickel plating, hot galvanizing, spray coating, dacromet etc.
3. heat treatment: quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing etc.
4. process: die casting, investment casting, gravity casting, hot forging, machining, stamping etc.
5. packing: as customer's require

Basic Info of Customized Precision CNC Machining Part From Relong

Model NO: RL430
Process: Machining
Trademark: Relong
Specification: ISO9001, TS16949
Origin: China
Production Capacity:  5000000 PCS/Year
Transport Package: Carton with Pallet or as Your Requirement
Payment Terms:T/T

Metal connectors mainly include rivets, bolts, high strength bolts, welding rods, armature (pins) and various nails, which are made of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, alloy, etc.

Usually a cylindrical metal rod with a square head or hexagonal head on one end and threads on the other end, with nuts and washers, which can be fastened together with steel or steel members. Its material is no. 3 steel or rivets no. 3 steel, two kinds of crude and refined bolts. The manufacturing and installation requirements of the finished bolts are relatively high. Rough bolt surface does not need special processing, mainly used for tension connection and installation connection.

2.High strength bolt
A special bolt with high strength and a certain plasticity and toughness is obtained by high quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel.

3.Welding electrode
Melt at welding time and fill in rod metal bars at joint of welds. It is coated with an anti-oxidation (alloying, etc.) flux.

4.Round pin
Also known as pin, is a metal cylindrical connector, which is used to connect two components that are free to rotate at the junction, and cannot apply pretension. A joint needs only one pivot, so the diameter is larger. It is commonly used in the steel structure of crane, arch hinge, disassembly type bridge and so on.

A cylindrical short rod with a semicircle head on one end, which is inserted into the steel plate or steel nail hole that needs to be connected, and the projecting end is pressed into or hammered into the second nail head.
Customized Precision CNC Machining Part -1
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