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Metal Bonding Rubber Parts

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Product Details of Metal to Rubber Bonding Parts

Product Size】: Customized according to customer needs
Product Material】: NBR,CR,HNBR,ACM,SBR, EPDM
Product Colour】: Black
Product Hardness】: 40-90 shore A
Product Features】:Smooth functioning  Abrasion resistant  Longer service life

When driving, the car will have a lot of vibration, mainly because of the engine, the transmission's own mechanical vibration and the road not satisfied. In order to eliminate these vibrations, and to stop them from the body and cockpit, the car has a lot of metal to rubber bonding parts installed.
In a car is close to 10000 parts, about 5% is in the combination of various rubber parts, parables adjacent body and engine and transmission of rubber suspension components, shock absorber, suspension connecting rod attendance rubber bushing, etc.

The main function of these rubber to metal bonding parts in suspension system, on the one hand, the suspension components move in a predetermined direction and transmit various forces. On the other hand, they also suppress all kinds of vibration and isolate various noises. In short, they are important for steering, braking, and driving stability, especially on bumpy roads. For the critical working conditions of these components, it is intuitive to test video from the front suspension platform.

For these rubber metal components, even if there is no mechanical stress, the rubber itself will also experience the natural aging process, and large temperature fluctuations, the sun radiation, snow and ice and salt corrosion, these components are accelerated aging factors. For example, the damping performance of rubber bearings will decrease over time, which will lead to the suspension noise on the bumpy road, which will have a negative impact on vehicle driving. So check the rubber metal parts and change is very important, when necessary to avoid aging components bring more serious harm to other parts of the vehicle, produce the high maintenance cost.

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Metal Bonding Rubber Parts
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