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Rubber Bushing

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Product Details of Rubber Bushing

Product Size】: Customized according to customer needs
Product Material】: NBR,CR,HNBR,ACM,SBR,EPDM etc
Product Colour】: Black, gray, etc
Product Hardness】: according to the requirement
Product Features】:Relong manufacture a wide array of bushings that have low compression set & impact strength. Manufactured from superior quality raw materials, our range of bushings are highly resistant to wear and tear. Highly flexible and long-lasting, these bushings are manufactured using advanced machines and sophisticated technology.

Auto rubber bushing can provide the effect of automobile shock absorption. Rubber as the main component of bushing, formula is very important. If the rubber life is premature aging, or if there is a degumming phenomenon, it may lead to the car's driving bias, vehicle noise and so on. Therefore, we must pay attention to the key role of automobile rubber bushing.

The rubber bushing car is the most common type of bushing, which is operated in a limited range and is not lubricated. The rubber bushing is usually applied to the control arm and spring plate. In order to eliminate wear surface, rubber bushing is combined with inner and outer metal sleeves. The outer sleeve is usually pressed into the control arm or the spring, while the inner sleeve is fixed to the frame by a fixed bolt. No friction or rotatory wear occurs because the rubber bushing absorbs the twisting motion of the suspension part. The wear problem occurs only when the rubber bushing is separated from the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve.

In a normal vehicle testing process, the car rubber bushing should check the degree of hardening and crack. In many cases, it is possible to see whether there are black particles in the rubber bushing or the ease with which the metal sleeve is removed. In other cases, the bushing can be deformed, and the control arm is allowed to move from its normal pivot point. When the casing is deformed, it will reduce the positive Angle and affect the normal work of the plate spring. RELONG reminds you to choose the high quality product when choosing the car rubber bushing, which is also a better guarantee for the car's performance.
Rubber Bushing
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