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Rubber Cushions RL02

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    Rubber Cushion RL01

    Rubber cushioning pads are widely used in automobile engines and other mechanical equipment, effectively increase the service life of equipment

Product Detail of Rubber Cushions

Rubber cushion mat is widely used in automobile engines and other mechanical equipment, which have shock absorber, effectively increase the service life of equipment, good sealing performance, wear-resisting and anti-aging properties.

Product Size】:Customized according to customer needs
Product Material】:(EPDM/NBR/FKM) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.
Product Features】:It has the characteristics of good cushioning and damping, good wear resistance and anti-aging properties.

Rubber damping products mainly include rubber cushion, rubber air spring, rubber fender, sponge and cork rubber cushion, elastic coupling and flexible pipe.

Relong rubber damping products For instance:
1. Rubber car floor mats. Most of them are rubber and metal composite products, which have double plate type, cylindrical type, plate type and other forms, used in various kinds of mechanical, instrument, axle, pipe vibration and sound insulation.

2. Rubber air springs. It is better than the shock and shock resistance of metal springs, mainly used in vehicles. The structure is similar to that of the inner tyre, with the curtain layer as the pressure-resistant layer, with the air-tight rubber layer and the protective rubber layer with oil and aging resistance.

3. Rubber bearings. It is made of rubber sheet and rigid material (steel plate, wire mesh, canvas). The latter can improve the compressive strength of the support and the impact of the shear strength is very small. The rubber bridge support can transfer the load of the bridge to the pier, and can adapt to the deformation of the bridge and reduce the vibration. Rubber building support can reduce the impact of subway and surrounding driving vehicles and earthquakes on buildings.

4. Rubber non-slip mat. It is made from rubber tree and is a polymer of isoprene. It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. Easy aging in the air, and when they become heated sticky, easy expansion and dissolved in mineral oil or gas, and alkali resistant, but not resistant to strong acid. Advantages: good elasticity, resistance to acid and alkali.
Rubber Cushions RL02
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