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Do you really know about the current situation and development trend of automotive rubber parts?


The rapid development of China's automotive industry is promoting the related supporting industries, especially the rubber industry. Over the years, automotive rubber parts have developed into a unique professional product industry. Automotive rubber parts are indispensable components in automotive. Each car is fitted with about 100-200 rubber products and USES about 200-500 rubber accessories. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for manufacturers. Here are three major rubber accessories:

1. Rubber Seal:
In recent years, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, equipment and technological transformation, a number of backbone enterprises with large production scale and high professional level have emerged in China's automotive rubber parts industry, gradually forming a relatively complete industrial system, which can basically meet and adapt to the needs of China's automotive industry.

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At present, there are more than 30 sealing ring factories with a certain scale and level in China, with a total production capacity of about 200 million pieces. Domestic production includes oil resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and other types of sealing ring, which can meet the domestic automotive market demand. However, due to the high speed of the automotive and the addition of fuel additives, the use of the sealing ring temperature, the performance of medium resistance and accuracy are improved day by day. Therefore, we need to develop new materials and optimize product structure to meet the requirements of specific use environment of cars.

2. Damping Pad
China has more than 20 rubber shock absorber factories with a production capacity of about 70 million pieces, which can basically meet the needs of domestic automotive production facilities and maintenance and replacement.

At present, the foreign advanced countries have successfully developed the new generation of rubber shock absorber such as sealing shock absorber, electronic control shock absorber and torsion shock absorber. China's automotive shock absorber products still use natural rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene - propylene rubber and nitrile - butadiene rubber - based. As an indispensable part of automotive rubber accessories, it plays an important role.

3. Rubber Hose
In recent years, the growth rate of automotive rubber hose is about 25%. There are more than 20 auto hose factories with a certain scale in China, with the total production capacity reaching 200 million standard meters. The ratio of woven hose and wrapped hose, including brake hose and cooling pipe, is increasing.

Because of the simple process and good performance of short fiber hose attention. From the perspective of rubber materials, it has developed from single rubber seeds in the past to use different rubber seeds in the inner, middle and outer layers to adapt to different working conditions.

In recent years, the development of automotive hose has begun to take shape in China. But compare with abroad still have bigger gap, medium and low grade product can satisfy market requirement. High-grade products such as fuel pipes, thin woven rubber pipes, heat pipes and so on are still dependent on imports.

This kind of products domestic car matching rate is only 40%, high-end car matching rate is only 5-10%. In addition to using nitrile rubber, the rubber material also USES nitrile rubber/polyvinyl chloride blend rubber, and further USES hydrogenated nitrile rubber, chloro-ether rubber, chloro-sulfonated polyethylene and ethylene/propylene ternary rubber.

Car rubber accessories occupy an important position in the auto industry. Of course, there are a large number of rubber enterprises emerging, and the competition is increasingly fierce. If you want to stand out in the industry, you need reform and innovation to create more opportunities.
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