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Design Programming of Die Casting Parts

2020.03.27 Design specification for wall thickness of auto die casting parts

Die casting parts with thin walls have higher strength and better compactness than the ones with thick walls. In view of this, the design of die casting parts should follow this principle: the thickness of the wall should be reduced as much as possible and be kept uniform on the premise of sufficient strength and rigidity of the castings. Practice has proved that the wall thickness of die casting parts china generally should be 2.5 to 4mm, and parts with the wall thickness exceeding 6mm are not suitable for die casting process. The influences of too thick and thin wall on the quality of the castings: If the wall of the castings is too thin, the metal welding will be affected, thus directly affecting the strength of the castings and causing difficulties in molding. When the wall is too thick or uneven seriously, the shrinkage and crack are easily produced. Besides, with the increase of the wall thickness, the number of defects such as shrinkage and porosity will also increase, which will also reduce the casting strength and affect the casting quality.

auto die casting parts

Design specification for machining allowance of pressure die casting parts
In general, due to the limitations of the die casting process, sometimes the size accuracy, surface roughness, or geometric tolerance of the die casting cannot meet the requirements of the product drawings. In such a situation, the enterprise should first consider the use of fine finishing processes such as correction, light pulling, extrusion, and plastic finishing to repair, and if the finishing process cannot completely solve these problems, we should machine some parts of the castings. It is worth noting that the smaller machining allowance should be taken into consideration in the process of mechanical processing, and the surface which is not affected by the parting surface and motion molding should be considered as the blank base surface, so as not to avoid the processing precision.

Design specification for inclination of auto die casting parts
When designing die castings, the structural inclination should be considered. When there is no structural inclination, the technical inclination of demoulding should be kept at the places need. Besides, the direction of the slope must be consistent with the direction of the casting demoulding .
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