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Variety of Rubber Auto Parts


There are many kinds of the rubber auto parts except the tires. Generally, one car is equipped with 200 to 300 kinds of rubber auto parts, and some wagons and industrial cars can have 400 to 600 pieces of auto rubber parts. So the rubber parts are widely used in the car industry. As there are too many kinds of auto rubber products, and we have no time to describe one by one, next I will simply introduce the following ones.

Variety of Rubber Auto Parts

1. Auto rubber tubes. Every car has a lot of rubber tubes, such as radiator tubes, air conditioning pipes, water tank tubes, gasoline pipes and so on. In order to make these tubes adapt to the vibration and jolt during the driving process, they must have various kinds of performances, thus the rubber auto parts is a must.

2. Auto rubber seals. Generally, the auto sealing products are mainly used to seal some liquid so as to avoid liquid outflow phenomena. Rubber products have characteristics of anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance, so they can seal the liquid well and effectively maintain the wear resistance and fatigue resistance during the driving process for a long time.

3. Auto rubber anti-vibration products. The rubber anti-vibration product is a very important part of the car, when we run into a pit on the way, the rubber spring can ensure that we can keep balance on the uneven road, and continue to drive. There are also some anti-vibration cushions of the auto key parts, which will take the place of the key parts to withstand the pressure. So now the use of rubber products in major industries has been indispensable, and more and more automotive rubber auto parts will come out.
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