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Automotive Window Gasket Rubber Daily Maintenance


Check whether there is any big crack or fracture in the seal. If the seal is broken, it can be repaired with a binder. Using the special seal adhesive can patch up the big cracks easily. Of course, if the seal is seriously damaged or aged, it is best to replace a new seal.

After the car owners clean the door and window sealants with the sedan detergent, it is best to coat the sealants with a layer of high-permeability protector, which can not only prevent the aging of the seal but also greatly improve the sealing of the seal. In addition, as the gap between the seals can easily be filled with sand and dust and cause rust, the dust should be removed with a brush.

automotive window gasket rubber

When the car window glass is damaged, the car owner should check whether there is any damage on the automotive window gasket rubber seal when changing the window glass. Since the window often cannot return to its original shape once been repaired, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted, the sealing property around the window glass should also be paid attention to. If the gap between the glass and the glass groove is uneven and the rubber strip is not in good contact with the glass and the glass groove, the car owner can easily pull the seal off by hand.

The automobile skylight is the basic configuration of most family cars. When the car skylight is opened, the rubber seal rail is exposed to the air, and it is hard to avoid dust and even small gravel accumulation. If things go on like this, it may cause skylight deformation and drainage hole blockage. Therefore, it is very important to clean the seal track and apply lubricating oil to the track regularly.

The car sealant is a small part of the car body, but it can guarantee that we can open the doors steadily, protect the car interior from the wind, rain, and dust, insulate heat and sound, and decorate the joint between the doors and windows. When the car body is subjected to vibration and distortion, the seal also plays a role of cushioning, shock absorption and glass protection. Therefore, car maintenance is very important.
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