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Anti-Vibration &Safety Product of Rubber Auto Parts


Anti-vibration product 

It is mainly installed in the engine, car body, air conditioning and car suspension system. It is mainly used to reduce vibration and noise when driving, improve the stability, safety, and comfort of vehicle handling. With the continuous improvement of the comprehensive performance of modern automobiles, the performance and quality of rubber anti-vibration articles are increasingly demanding. It is mainly required that the rubber anti-vibration articles should have excellent damping properties, resistance to dynamic fatigue and long life durability. Auto rubber parts mainly include air spring, engine front and rear suspension pad, flexible coupling and various shapes of rubber bushings, gaskets and so on. Generally, each tire support of the luxury car is equipped with special shock absorbers with excellent performance.

Rubber auto parts

Safety product 

Rubber auto safety parts play the role of braking reliability, driving safety and personal safety in automobiles. The safety products include brake membrane (diaphragm), leather bowl, brake pad, airbag, and bumper. The brake membrane and the leather bowl are directly related to the safety of the car. In the event of accidents, they can slow down and even stop the car, so as to ensure the safety of the vehicles and personnel. An airbag is a rubber product that provides safety protection for vehicle personnel when a vehicle is hit in an accident. The bumper reduces the impact force when the vehicle collides.

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