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Automotive Rubber Damping Components


Along with the rapid development of high-performance technology in the automotive manufacturing industry, the development of automotive technology seeks to be economical in the use of automobiles, and at the same time, it is improving the comfort and safety of automobiles. This puts higher demands on the rubber damping parts from the perspectives of vibration damping, noise, comfort, and stability.

automobile rubber components

Compared with other vibration-damping products, rubber vibration-damping products have the following advantages:

(1)The freedom of shape  is large;

(2)It can rotate in the X, Y, and Z directions and has a six-direction spring action;

(3)With moderate damping performance, it can be used in the range of low frequency to high frequency;

(4)At the same time, it has various performances such as vibration damping, buffering and sound insulation;

(5)The impact stiffness is greater than the dynamic stiffness, and the dynamic stiffness is greater than the static stiffness, which is beneficial to reduce impact deformation and dynamic deformation.

The vibration phenomenon of a car is very complicated, and the most obvious vibration is the natural vibration of the sprung mass supported by the suspension spring device. Therefore, the vibration-damping rubber products are mainly used to control automobile vibration and noise and improve vehicle steering stability, they are generally placed in automobile engine frame, pressure bar device, suspension bushing, center bearing bracket, bump limiter and torsional vibration damping or other parts to improve the safety and comfort of the car.

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