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Requirements for Automobile Rubber Components

2020.03.30 1. Fatigue performance

In rubber products, there are some potential defects, which are caused by the stress concentration of the product when it is repeatedly deformed, causing changes in structure and elasticity. The tiny cracks caused by this change will accelerate the growth when it is repeatedly deformed again until it is destroyed.

NBR rubber layered silicate nanocomposites were prepared by using the layered structure of montmorillonite. It is found that not only can the fixed stress, tensile strength and tear strength of the material be significantly improved, but also the amount of high-structure carbon black can be significantly reduced, and the structure of the cross-linked network can be improved, so that the fatigue heat of the material is significantly reduced, and the fatigue damage process is delayed.

automobile rubber components

2. Creep resistance

Creep is a phenomenon in which the deformation of a material gradually increases with time under a certain temperature and a constant external force, and is a mechanical relaxation process that changes nonlinearly with time. When the rubber damper creep is too large, it may cause the rubber damper position to be skewed, the interference, the stop spacing is reduced, and the nonlinear spring characteristics are improperly changed.

The creep properties of rubber reflect the dimensional stability and long-term load capacity of materials, and have important practical applications. Rubber creep is affected by temperature in addition to load (or stress, deformation). When the temperature is much lower than Tg, the creep is very small and very slow. Only the beginning part of the creep is seen in a short time. When the temperature is much higher than Tg, the creep is very fast, and only the portion rising to the right of the curve can be seen. Since the experiment lasts for a long time during the creep process, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the structure of the sample changes during the creep (and its recovery) process.

The maximum use force of the rubber damper should be considered to avoid excessive creep. The design can be considered from the following two aspects: (1) Pay attention to the variety of the rubber and the vulcanization system. In general, the creeps of natural rubber and butadiene rubber are smaller while the creeps of styrene-butadiene rubber and butyl rubber are larger. From the formulation side, it is advisable to use a hard carbon black and sulfur vulcanization system.

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