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Other Products of Automotive Rubber Parts

2020.03.30 Hose Products

The hose products of auto rubber parts are used in the chassis, engine and body parts. They are also used for the seven systems of oil, gas, drive, control, brake, cooling and heating are used, playing the role of oil supply, gas supply, water supply and transmission of power. There are fuel hoses, water hoses, brake hoses, vacuum hoses, air-conditioning hoses, radiator hoses, power steering hoses and special-shaped branch hoses.

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Tape Products

Tape products of auto rubber parts are mainly used in automobiles to transmit torque and speed, also to transfer power from the power source engine to where power is needed, installed in cooling fans, cooling pumps, brake compressors, booster pumps, air conditioning systems and steering systems. The tape products are divided into V belts (also divided into ordinary V belts and V-ribbed belts) and timing belts (toothed belts). According to the structure, the V belts are further divided into cutting belts and wrapping belts. The V belts are characterized by high speed and large transmission power. The timing toothed belt is used for the ignition of the engine, and the use condition is high speed, large transmission power and high temperature.

Other Products

Such rubber products include auto rubber sheets (inner rubber sheets and fenders), automotive interiors and adhesives, sealants, wiper strips, and the like. Inner rubber sheets are used to lay the ground inside the car to achieve the anti-shock and anti-skid effects. Wiper strips are used to remove rain and snow from the windshield, ensuring the driver's sight, normal operation, and normal vehicle driving. Adhesives are used for the bonding of automotive interior materials and the protection of the underside of automobiles.
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