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The Role of Automotive Rubber Products in Automobiles


The rapid development of China's automobile industry has promoted the development of other related supporting industries in China, especially the rubber industry. In the past few years, automotive rubber products have developed into a unique specialized product industry. Automotive rubber products are indispensable components in auto parts. There are about 100-200 rubber products installed in each car, and about 200-500 rubber parts are used. In addition to tires, depending on the size of the car, the consumption of rubber materials is about 15-60 kg, while automotive rubber products (excluding tires) account for about 6% of the total cost of the car. There are more than 1,000 varieties of non-tire rubber products for the automotive industry, with more than 8,000 specifications. According to statistics, the automotive industry accounts for more than 70% of the world's annual consumption of raw rubber. Among them, tires occupy 60%, and automotive rubber products and accessories account for 40%.

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High speed, safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection are the goals pursued by contemporary automobiles. With the development of automobile modernization, the requirements for automotive rubber products are becoming stricter and more demanding. It not only requires rubber materials with various special properties to meet the new technical requirements of automobiles, but also requires higher physical and mechanical properties of rubber materials, such as aging resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, new fuel resistance, excellent dynamic fatigue performance, and durable service life. In fact, every high performance of modern cars depends on the technological advancement of rubber products, the performance and quality of automotive rubber products play a key role in improving the quality of complete vehicles. It is worth pointing out that the role played by rubber products is always an accessory, but this accessory always controls the technical progress and technical level of the host. Therefore, it can be said that the technology and quality of automotive rubber products can basically reflect the level of vehicle technology.

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