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The Auto Metal Parts Will Be Produced By 3D Printing Technology

2020.03.30 Recently, 3D printing has made a landmark achievement in the automotive industry. The first batch of 3D printing metal replacement parts after the quality testing standard will enter the market. This time's part is the high temperature resistance aluminum constant temperature regulator cover plate.

It has been a year since the 3D printing technology was used to produce replacement parts for customers after sale. Now the development of 3D printing technology from plastic parts to metal parts is a major breakthrough in the field of industrial manufacturing automation. With the introduction of 3D printing metal technology, 3D printing metal replacement parts, as well as traditional manufacturing in functionality, reliability and durability, have lower manufacturing costs.

3D printing metal spare parts have many advantages. This technology can be applied to the production of any component. What it needs is just a virtual 3D model. This means that the production of spare parts does not require additional workflow and production equipment. In the future, 3D printing metal manufacturing technology can be applied to automobile peripherals, engine parts, cooling systems, transmission systems, transmission shaft and chassis manufacturing.

The application of 3D printing metal technology will greatly promote the development of the traditional car market. It will be easier to make difficult old parts or to make use of traditional technology to product difficult part. Because of the increase of purity and density, the strength and dynamic resistance of components are improved. The quality of 3D printing is much higher than that of traditional metal die casting.

Through the application of 3D printing technology, users can enjoy the replacement service in time at local without the transport and storage of the replacement parts.

In the car industry, as long as a part of a car is produced with 3D printed metal, thousands of 3D metal printers are needed to meet the demand. If more and more parts are taken into consideration, how can we use 3D printing technology from the source of design? So more and more auto metal parts will need to be printed, so the market prospect will be great.
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