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Trend Of Auto Rubber Parts

2020.03.30 As we all know, cars can not do without rubber, otherwise they will not be able to walk. In addition to the most easily seen tire rubber products, a car has many other rubber material accessories. On average, there are more than one hundred rubber parts in cars, ranging from 200 to 500, with a glue consumption of 60 kg. Automobile rubber parts account for about 6% of total vehicle cost. Automobile rubber parts, except that the tyres are large parts, other rubber products though are small parts are all used on key parts, such as automobile engine, gearbox, bridge and other parts, but small rubber oil seal is the key to ensure the normal work of these parts, promising the automobile safety and durable use. Therefore, rubber parts can be called "functional cells" of automobiles.

For the whole vehicle, the rubber parts need to be divided into three categories, except for the tire and the interior and exterior rubber parts, it can be divided into the rubber tube, the sealing products, and the shock absorption and the tape category.

At present, the trend is that the domestically made automobile rubber parts are becoming more and more widely used, and some auto manufacturers have high demand for quality, safety and durability of the auto rubber parts, and the frequancy of TS-16949 testing in production spot is increasing. At the same time, foreign high-standard rubbrt parts repurchase provides a very low price for domestic production.

Although the market is a little depressed at present, as a big country with a 1.3 billion population, whether it is for logistics or private ride, the demand for cars is still increasing. Traffic jam, analyzing on the other hand, is a represent of the increasing cars. With the help of many auto repair works, it is more necessary to supply auto rubber parts in time, so as to bring business opportunities to rubber auto parts manufacturers.
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