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Current Situation Of Magnesium Alloy Auto Die Casting Industry

2020.03.30 With the development of automobile lightweight, the demand for light alloy castings such as magnesium and aluminum increases year by year. Magnesium used in automobile cars has been developing rapidly at an annual rate of 20% since 1990. Magnesium alloys have become an important area in the development of automotive material technology. The die casting magnesium alloy material is especially suitable for recycling economy, energy saving, low carbon and clean production demands, which is dominant in the process of automobile lightweight development. The major auto parts manufacturers actively seize the opportunity to invest in the research and production of magnesium alloy die casting parts. According to the data of China magnesium alloy automobile die casting industry analysis report, in 2015, the demand for magnesium alloy automobile die casting industry in China reached 149 thousand tons, up 23.12% from the same period. At present, domestic and foreign automobile enterprises are working to study the magnesium alloying of the body which weighs a larger proportion of a car (about 30%), the engine (about 18%), the transmission system (about 15%), the walking system (about 16%), the wheels (about 5%) and other steel or aluminum parts.

According to the use of magnesium alloy of one car produced in China, the market capacity of the magnesium alloy die casting industry in China will reach 229 thousand tons in 2017. By 2022, the market capacity will reach 660 thousand tons, and the annual average growth rate will reach 23.5%. It is also a great challenge for die casting parts buyers.

The world's magnesium use per car is relatively low, and the potential demand for automotive magnesium alloys is strong. The lightweight materials, such as high strength steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastics, have been widely used in all aspects of automotive and automotive parts manufacturing. However, magnesium alloys are not widely popularized and used for various reasons. Magnesium alloys are at present mainly used in dashboard support, steering support, engine cover, steering wheel, seat bracket, car door panel, transmission housing and so on. At present, every car in North America uses 3.8kg magnesium alloy, in Japan is 9.3kg, on European PASSAT and Audi A4 is 14kg, and the average amount of domestic automobile is only 1.5kg.
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