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Why Is Abnormal Sound Produced In The Use Of Rubber Seals?

2020.03.30 The Y rubber seal sometimes causes noise when the hydraulic cylinder works under high pressure and low speed. Dongsheng seal tells you that the reason is that when the sealing ring slips along the shaft or the cylinder surface, the contact surface of rubber and metal equipment is repeating the actions of attached, detached, attached, detached  for a short time, and the Life span of the seal is shortened, and sealing effect is affected.

The solution is as follows:

1. Try to minimize the friction factor of the rubber. Measures that can be taken: reduce the compression rate of the seal as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the reliability of the seal; apply a layer of good self lubricated material on the surface of the seal, the coating method being spraying method and electrophoresis method; and the new material of rubber and plastic  mixture is used in machining and sealing.

2. avoid the use of low viscosity hydraulic oil (medium). The rubber seal should try as far as possible to avoid excessive use of pressure and low working speed, in order to maintain the lubricating oil film of the contact surface.

The auto rubber seals are the common seals we often see in our daily life.
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