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Automotive Rubber Metal Parts that Cannot Be Ignored

2020.03.30 During driving, a lot of jitters are caused by the mechanical vibration of the engine, the transmission itself and the roughness of the road. In order to suppress these jitters and isolate them from the body and the cockpit, a lot of rubber and metal parts are installed on the car. About 5% of the nearly 10 thousand parts of a car are rubber parts in various combinations.

The main role of these automotive metal parts in the suspension system is to make the suspension parts moving in the predetermined direction and transfer various forces. On the other hand, all kinds of vibration and isolation of various noises are also suppressed. In short, they are important for steering, braking and driving stability of vehicles.

Tips for the replacement of rubber metal components

There are some things that cannot be ignored when replacing these rubber metal parts. For example, when the rubber bushing of the suspension connecting rod is installed, the installation bolt must be tightened when the suspension is in the compression state, so as to avoid bearing tightening force and shorten the service life.

Because of the requirement of suspension structure design, some rubber metal parts are required to have different damping properties in different stress direction, for example, when braking is more damping than acceleration. In this case, the rubber metal parts are required for a specific installation position. If they are not observed, the installation may result in poor driving performance and increased noise. To this end, there will be some installation marks on the parts. We must learn how to install them correctly with the help of markings. In addition, we suggest that the rubber metal parts of the suspension system should be replaced in pairs because the two parts on the left and right have the same mileage and are subjected to the same stress, and the degree of aging or damage is very close. The positioning parameters of the wheel must be measured each time after the replacement of the suspension components, which must be readjusted beyond the standard range. Only in this way can the rework be avoided.  
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