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A Brief Introduction of Rubber Seals

2020.03.30 Rubber seals are generally used to prevent fluid media from leaking from machinery or instruments, and can also be used to prevent dust, sand, and air from entering the sealing mechanism.

The conditions for the use of rubber sealing products are required to withstand the erosion of high temperature, high pressure and various sealing medium under various working conditions. It requires good weather resistance, wears resistance, high elasticity, shock absorption and sealing stability.

Although auto rubber seals are one or several parts of the whole machine, it plays the role of leak-proof, oil proof, waterproof, reducing vibration and noise, sealing and damping. So its quality will affect the performance and normal operation of the whole machine, even to the health and safety of the human body.

Rubber seals have various kinds. The most commonly used are the rotating shaft lip seal ring, O rubber seal ring, various section seal ring, diaphragm, valve pad, seal washer and door and window sealant. According to the use state, it can be divided into three kinds, static seal, dynamic seal and high vacuum seal. According to product shape and manufacturing process, it can be divided into rotating shaft lip seal ring (oil seal), O rubber seal ring (O type ring), all kinds of section seal ring, rubber bowl, rubber ring, sealant, diaphragm, dust-proof cover, gasket, and the sealing washer of all kinds of sections.
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