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What Caused Poor Vulcanization Of Silicone Rubber Products?

2020.03.30 We often meet poor vulcanization in the production of silicone rubber products, also called "unfamiliar" vulcanization. The result is seriously bad if the customer gets such products. What are the factors that caused such poor vulcanization?

First, the improper ration of the curing agent. We all know that the raw materials we purchase are raw rubber. We need to add curing agent Masterbatch to it. This has strict requirements based on the material formula. We should measure accurately the with according to formula and add them as the required proportion. If the ratio is not right, it will affect the material properties, leading to poor vulcanization products.

Second, uneven distribution of curing agent mixing. When curing agent adding to the mixing area, if the distribution is too focused or dispersed, it will lead to poor vulcanization.

Thirdly, too high or low curing temperature. Molding mold surface temperature should be based on the different characteristics of the material to set the appropriate temperature. The mold temperature should be evenly distributed, not too high or low.

Fourth, lack of curing time. each material has a vulcanization time to be fully vulcanized. The result is different if the curing time is different even using the same material formula.Some manufacturers may reduce the vulcanization molding time to meet the production capacity. At first sight, we cannot find the problems from the surface. But in fact, the product is not fully cured, cannot meet the actual performance. Such products will be relatively in poor physical properties, such as anti-aging or tear-resistance.
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