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The Impact Factors: Why Does The Surface Of Rubber Products Whiten

2020.03.30 I believe many people have met this problem: the surface of rubber products gets whiten after a period of use. Do you particularly feel troublesome about this problem? Today I'll give you the reasons for the following:

1. Inappropriate formulation
Full spout is usually used in sulfur, active agents and anti-aging agents. Discharge spay is common used in process aids and relocated anti-aging agents. Anti-static agent spray is common used in sulfur curing system.

2. Improper technical operation
Non-uniform mixing cause poor tangle, some parts exceed the richness. If the temperature of rubber mixing is too high, the compound parts will overdose, weighing becomes inaccurate like more , less, said leakage, or wrong name. If the temperature of sulfidation is too high, polymer degradation constitute blooming.

3. Different quality of the raw materials
The material differs from the others because of various raw material origin, product method, technology and different batches. The composition of raw rubber is polymerization temperature, catalyst, composition monomer. As with the different rubber technology, the solubility is also different. The purity, moisture, ash, pH, physical properties and other seizures also changes.

4. Poor storage
The solubility of rubber compounding ingredients usually rises and falls with the temperature. The pressure that the rubber is stored, the humidity and time also affect the solubility of the compounding agent. But this effect is usually little. However, if the pressure is greater, the compressive part of the rubber compound will form the nucleus and separate from the rubber surface, thus constituting a blooming. If the air humidity is too large, The compounding agent that is highly polar in the rubber products weakens the raw rubber, the solubility of complexing agents also reduces, thus causing blooming. The longer the storage, the more significant the humidity changes.

5.Rubber aging
Rubber aging mostly damages the network structure which has well-balanced in vulcanized rubber and also causes damage the chemical or physical linkages between the various complexing agents in the rubber system, gum molecules and compounding agents. Thus it reduces the solubility of the compound in the rubber system.
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